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The lifting platform SB200M is equipped with a diagnostic LED bar, which indicates system status and errors using light indicators of different colors.

All our Vertical platform lifts are equipped with this very useful facility without extra charge! Yes, it’s for free!

sb200m diagnostic led bar

The maintenance of our products is more convenient and faster owing to this innovation. Service staff saves time and determines cause of failure in few minutes. Diagnostic bar is mounted in the cabinet of the lifting platform, so no needed to connect PC or other device to identify fault. 

It facilitates identification of a certain status of a lifting platform and some certain breakdowns.

When the power is on, the system starts initialization. The progress of initialization is also displayed on the diagnostic bar. The lights run from top to bottom twice: green and blue. Subsequently system status is displayed. Example of possible indications and their meanings are presented in the table below.

Indication text Colour Meaning
Platform STOP button Red STOP button STB1 pressed on the platform
Overload mode Red Platform overload switch SW17 pressed
Lost connection Base unit – Back end Yellow CAN cable connection between electronic boards Base unit and Back end lost
Landing 2 No indicationGreenRed 2nd floor door not connected2nd floor door connectedConnection with 2nd floor door is lost