New features of SB200

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We would like to introduce new capabilities and characteristics of the SB200 control system. Installation, maintenance and error parsing is now even more faster and easier with these features.

Increased reliability and flexibility

  • Advanced system of diagnostics, which considerably simplifies service. The most important signals and states are displayed on the diagnostic panel and if necessary, the structure of the displayed signals can always be expanded or changed.
  • A detailed record of all the events in the system. With a computer it is possible to watch the current and last diagnostic messages of the system and to identify any malfunctions in the system to within the code lines in the software.

  • A software update of all electronic units in the system, without their uninstallation, is possible.
  • The system carries out exact measurements of voltages and currents, controls overloads, automatically defines sequence of phases, and reacts to interruptions or asymmetry of phases. The system is tolerant to change through the alternation of phases.
  • The system (without reinstallation) can be remade from a single-phase in to threephase and vice versa. Thus, the software isn’t required to be changed.
  • With a 3-phase power source, the frequency converter isn’t used in the elevator. It increases reliability of the drive and reduces the probability of emergency shutdowns because of converter errors.
  • Positioning and speed sensor accuracy is increased, making movements of the platform smoother and exact.
  • There is continuous control of the integrity of information communication lines. The movement stops in case of damage to the communication lines.
  • Susceptibility to a lowered power supply voltage is reduced.
  • The level of electromagnetic radiation from the elevator is drastically reduced in a 3-phase configuration.
  • A control system for lubrication is provided.
  • Solenoids can malfunction. The exact reasons for this are often not clear, but monitoring is necessary to record the malfunction and to take action.
  • The accumulator helps to increase the reliability of the operation of the solenoids.

Simplified assembly and setup

  • Applications of a flat connecting cable between a platform and pit.
  • Length of connecting wires between modules on the platform is reduced.
  • The new type of an encoder that doesn’t demand adjustment is applied.
  • Assembly is simplified – all relays are located on a PCB. There is no need for manual wiring for the electronic PCB.
  • Conductors and sockets for the SafeLine installation and other solutions from third-party firms are allocated in advance.

For end users

  • Level of high-frequency noise from the motor is reduced.
  • The accuracy of the platform positioning is increased several times (about 0.2 mm).
  • The endurance to overloading is increased. Now the platform can move more than 600 kg of freight during long time.
  • In case of a power outage, the operation of locks, automatic closers and electromagnets continue to work from a backup voltage source, including locks, door openers and etc.
  • Emergency lowering of the platform is switched automatically and can be controlled both from the panel on the platform, and from buttons on the base unit.
  • For emergency lowering separate accumulators aren’t required.
  • The built-in accumulators are charged automatically.
  • The emergency drive can lower and lift a platform weighing 200 kg for 30 min.
  • There was a possibility of illumination brightness control on the platform.
  • The voice notification is now a built-in function. It is possible to record voice or music any volume.
  • Heater relays for temperature control in the pit and on the platform are built in.
  • Ability for connection of external systems of the user are expanded (fire alarm system, additional doors, security alarm system and so forth.).
  • In case of a fire alarm system activation, any floor (usually the ground floor) can be designated as the emergency landing location.
  • The system has a built-in WI-FI transceiver.