About us

BARDUVA was founded in 1996. The company specializes in the production of Vertical Platform Lifts, Open platform Lifts and Hangar Doors.

Continuous improvement, production capacity expansion, modern technologies and skilled workers’ efforts enable us to offer our production. We are committed to customer satisfaction, long-term partnership and product reliability by ensuring quality at each design, technological preparation, production and service stage. Periodic training of personnel, proper maintenance of equipment and tools, inspections and other procedures help to ensure that our production complies with the applicable standards. BARDUVA has achieved great operational efficiency mainly due to its responsible and professional team, which is not afraid to take on greater responsibilities and implement interesting and challenging projects, and is constantly looking for new ideas and solutions. High quality, sales strategy and great services has enabled the company to achieve excellent results. The company’s growing revenues allowed to expand our production and sales network and also to increase the quality of products.

We are constantly thinking about tomorrow, because we know that the success belongs to those who best predicts the needs of customers. We love challenges. We are ready to fulfill customer orders faster than others and fulfill orders that other companies do not dare to take.

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