Industrial lifts

BARDUVA Industrial Lifts (otherwise known as Vertical material lifts) are a cost-effective, safe, and easy way to move materials (such as multiple pallet loads, large carts, heavy machinery, etc.) between floors. They are ideally suited for efficient movement of materials in factories, warehouses, industrial plants or anywhere to a mezzanine, rack storage system with catwalks, or any new or existing upper floor level. The lift can be installed against buildings and mezzanines, in shafts and through-floor, interior or exterior applications.

These industrial lifts are constructed from structural steel utilizing a 100% duty-cycle brake motor mounted at the top of the unit. The low noise all-mechanical drive system safely transports the platform and the material with ease by means of 2 steel-cord belts. Our unique design helps to reduce installation time and provides a reliable means for lifting material. These lifts require little maintenance and have increased longevity compared to hydraulic lifts. BARDUVA Industrial Lifts are engineered to meet your exact application requirements and offers maximum flexibility in platform size, capacity and traffic patterns. Heavy-duty construction provides superior strength, reliability and long-term performance.

Main features:

  • Lifts heavy, bulky oversized loads up to 1500 Kg.
  • Vertical rise up to 9 m.
  • Travel speeds up to 0.1 m/s.
  • Steel-cord lifting belts.
  • Doors with lift locking.
  • Anti-skid platform floor.
  • Quiet & smooth operation.
  • Emergency Stop push button in the pit.
  • New perimetral walls (platform with or without roof).
  • Indication of state of safety switches on the electric control stations.
  • Loading and unloading available from up to three sides.
  • Built-in, advanced safety features protect workers and materials.