Fabric Doors With Belt Gear


The belt hangar door system is controlled by two straps from the sides of the structure. Belts are coupled to the lower beam, the motor rotates the drum, which winds the belt, and lift the doors. When the drum belts are rolled out, the doors are lowered. These doors have a safety brake, which has two functions: The rupture of one of the belts will stop the movement of the whole structure. After closing the doors, the safety brake blocks movement of the doors – wind lock.

Belts are durable and resistant to corrosion. Control motors can be one or two, depending on the construction design and dimensions. In very large gauges, the gate can be divided into several segments, assembling mullion system. Fully adjustable side belt pulleys will help prevent wear and ensure safe operation of the hangar door. The motor has electromagnetic protection that activates with an unexpected increase in the rate of descent and the system completely stops.