Belt/rope cable gear system – 575 profile


The belt/cable doors lifting system differs from belt-operated and cable operated doors in that the lamellas are 575 mm depth. Instead of the two sides of the belt and cable drums, these gates operated by belts/cables with a pitch of about 2 meters and they rolled on the pulleys. This allows almost unlimited gate gauges. In addition, the belts/cables are equally distributed over the entire width of the door, not just the edges, it ensures a smooth operation and minimizes the force load of the building.

The lower beam construction principle is almost the same as belt gear system, only the depth is the same as the lamellas – 575 mm.

The belts/rope cables are durable and resistant to corrosion.

With each belt/rope cable a dual belt control sensor is installed so that in case of an emergency, rupture or loosening of one of the belt/cables, the door is stopped. The motors have electromagnetic protection that activates with an unexpected increase in the rate of descent and the system completely stops.

Unlimited numbers of motors depend on the building design and dimensions. In very large sizes, the gate can be divided into several segments, assembling the mullion system.